Game Stars

Blockchain platform for eSports

GameStars Token sale is successfully completed!

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Millions of gamers want but don't have the opportunity to
Organize eSports tournaments
Play and develop professionally
Protect themselves from frauds in tournaments

Game Stars

This project is for you if you want to:

Become a professional cyber sportsman
Invest in eSports
Promote products and services among a large audience of gamers

Our Ratings

GST tokens increase in the rate

Game Stars is a perfect solution for gamers!

The platform has limitations that cause a shortage of tokens, thus providing an additional increase in GST rate


Tokens are issued in a limited number - 500,000,000 GST


Tokens used for creation of smart contracts remain frozen for 2 years


Following the launch of 14,285 PROFI smart contracts, there will be a token deficit inside the platform

590 gamers have already signed up for Game Stars

Platform opportunities


  • Can launch inner ICO on the platform and raise money for the career development

Team managers

  • Can put together a team
  • Find money for team development through inner ICO on the platform

Sponsors. Advertisers

  • Can make a sponsorship contract with a team
  • Create own tournaments
  • Place advertisements


  • Get a transparent, safe, and simple way of investing in cyber sportsmen

How it works

Buy Game Stars Tokens (GST).

Members pay in GST for the right to launch an internal ICO on GameStars

Launch inner ICO

Raise money on gamer's career, team financing, or tournament organization through the ICO

Raise funding

Each participant receives a smart-contract that defines terms of cooperation and benefits for each party

Receive dividends

- Gamers get a chance to build a career
- Managers get a strong tool for a team development
- Investors get a simple way of investing in cyber sportsmen
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Road map

Q3 2017
  • pointer formation of the GameStars platform concept among professional cyberathletes;
  • pointer development of a solution;
  • pointer selection of implementation methods;
Q4 2017
  • pointer attracting upfront investment;
  • pointer forming a team;
  • pointer creation of the platform’s business model;
  • pointer development of a legal approach;
Q1 2018
  • pointer preparation for token sale;
  • pointer development of a marketing strategy;
  • pointer designing the platform;
Q2 2018
  • pointer holding token sale;
  • pointer beginning of platform development;
  • pointer searching for partners among gaming platforms and manufacturers of gaming equipment;
Q3 2018
  • pointer Beta release of the platform (BASIC contracts, internal exchange, tournaments on the platform);
  • pointer connection with external APIs and start of gaming stats collection;
  • pointer launch of an active marketing strategy aiming to attract platform users;
Q4 2018
  • pointer platform release;
  • pointer launch of PROFI contracts;
  • pointer extension of the list of possible tournament scenarios;
  • pointer access to basic gaming statistics;
  • pointer functions enabling sponsorship tournaments based on the platform;
  • pointer listing of the GST token on cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • pointer continuation of an active marketing strategy aiming to attract platform users;
Q1 2019
  • pointer establishing connections with external tournaments;
  • pointer access to advanced gaming statistics;
  • pointer marketing strategy aimed at finding partners for sponsorship tournaments;
Q2 2019
  • pointer establishing connections with external tournaments;
  • pointer launch of an analytical module using the AI;
  • pointer marketing strategy aiming to attract cyberathletes, sponsors, and advertisers;
Q3 2019+
  • pointer implementation of an API to integrate external services;
  • pointer continuation of an active marketing strategy aiming to attract cyberathletes, sponsors, and advertisers;

Our team

employeer photo
Sergey Sevidov
CEO GameStars


Daniel Laufenberg
Technical advisor
Experienced software developer. Over the past 4 years, Daniel has been leading teams and architecting client solutions in Google and Cisco. Passionate about the blockchain technology. In Game Stars Daniel is providing support on platform architecture, security, optimization, and database design.
Paulau Aliaksandr
Token Sale and Gaming Advisor
With 9+ years of IT experience and 4+ years in upper echelon management. Founder & CEO of Web Dev Company Webinsight LLC, which is amongst TOP-10 companies in CIS Region, rated by ru-net rating agencies. Since 2017 he is COO of IQeon Game Platform, which has raised more than 3.000 ETH in Token Sales to date. He is taking an active part as a speaker at the difference cryptocurrency conferences.
Kevin B. Ring
Business Development Advisor
Kevin specializes in Business Development, Project Management, Technical Services and Consulting through Asian region for over 20 years. He is the CEO of Secure Innovation Inc. which provides solutions for Cyber Security, Crypto technologies, and IP protection. For 13 years of the operation, the company grew to $30 million and 300 staff. Together with Game Stars, Kevin will focus on improving a business development strategy of the project.
Vinogradov Egor
Financial Advisor
Professional investor with a finance background. Founder and CEO of an investment company with a solid turnover on the Russian bonds market (top-3 in the country). Handles projects related to underwriting and bonds emission. Alma mater: Boston University, MSU, MGIMO An experienced cryptocurrency trader managing portfolios of HNWIs. Founder and general manager of an crypto fund.



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